PHOTO BY: Alex Connor
MODEL: 168

Dante Spinetta / Emmanuel Horvilleur meets Wilde Sunglasses:

After 18 years of waiting, we had the opportunity to be present at the two concerts in Madrid the IKV, after concert We met these fabulous artists, it is a real pleasure to announce our new backtage. Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas (IKV) is a musical duo formed in 1991 consisting of Dante Spinetta and Emmanuel Horvilleur, from Buenos Aires, Argentina In 2016, IKV released their seventh studio album, titled L.H.O.N. (La Humanidad O Nosotros) through Epic/Sony Music Argentina.

Wilde Backstage is a documentary space by our friend photographer Alex Connor that pays tribute to artists, music producers and DJ’s that represent our label on stage around the world. Thanks to our Ws Team in Barcelona, Madrid, Medellin and Hiroshima for all their magic and helping to consolidate our projects.

Madrid 2017

More about the artist:

Official website:
Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas – Gallo Negro
Social Media:

Discography :
Fabrico cuero (1991)
Horno para calentar los mares (1993)
Chaco (1995)
Versus (1997)
Leche (1999)
Chances (2012)
L.H.O.N. (La humanidad o nosotros) (2016)

Live albums
MTV Unplugged: Ninja Mental (1996)
Aplaudan En La Luna (2014)

Kuryakistan (2001)
Abarajame (EP) (2003)

Wilde Backstage is produced and documented by:

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