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Crossing the Atlantic and the magic continues! Our friends from the acclaimed Venezuelan band Desorden Publico have forged 31 years of solid professional career … Ska, good vibes and a unique essence are part of their proposal. With a warm and energetic sound Desorden Publico has represented their beautiful country on music stages across several continents. We were very pleased to share some time with them in Barcelona. Such an honour to have them in the WS’ house.

Horacio, Caplis, Danel, wearing Wilde Sunglasses model: 168 / Oscar

Desorden Público is a ska/rock band founded in 1985 in Caracas, Venezuela.

The band’s music mixes ska, latin rock, reggae and traditional Latin music styles. The group’s lyrics are known for commenting on Venezuela’s and Latin America’s politics and society. Influenced by the English 2 Tone movement, Desorden Público’s embraces different languages and promotes racial and social tolerance. The band has a dozen or so releases to their name and have had platinum sales, No. 1 and top 10 hits. They have tours that have taken them all over Latin America, North America and Europe.

Barcelona 2017

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Discography :
Desorden Publico – 1988
En Descomposición – 1990
Canto Popular de la vida y muerte – 1994
Plomo Revienta – 1997
¿ Donde está el Futuro ? – 1998
Diablo – 2000
Todos sus éxitos – 2001 (compilation)
The Ska Album USA – 2004 (compilation)
DP – 18, double album live de la Teresa Carreño – 2004
The Ska Album – 2004 (compilation)
Estrellas del Caos – 2006
Los Contrarios – 2011
Orgánico (versiones acústicas) – 2013
Guarachando en Navidad EP – 2014
Todo esta muy normal – 2015

New Releases:
July 1, 2016 – « Bailando sobre las Ruinas »
Dec 13 – C4 Trío y Desorden Público “Pa’ Fuera” (2016)



Horacio Blanco: voice / guitar José Luis “Caplís” Chacín: bass
Danel Sarmiento: batterie William “Magú” Guzmán: guitar
Oscar Alcaíno: percussions Terry Bonilla: trombone
Francisco “Coco Díaz”: Keyboards Hector Hernández: sax
Noel Mijares: trompet

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