PHOTO BY: Alex Connor
MODEL: 168

For our latest Wilde’s Backstage edition. We are honour to welcome Claas Brieler to be part of our Ws family. He is one of the key founders of the iconic music collective Jazzanova. As well as of the world famous record company Sonar Kollektiv both based in Berlin.

We interview him while walking in Mont Juic in Barcelona ahead of his preparations for a couple of gigs with True Class. A musical project he shares with DJ Trujillo.

Claas goes ahead to tell us that he spent some time in this city way back around before the 92 Olympics. Sometimes he used to come here for a few months. With this he seems to go back into a rain of flashbacks that takes him to visit the Gothic quarter and surroundings. By then he used to go through informal street vinyl sales. He goes on to confess that he misses some records shops that have now completely disappeared with the old Barcelona.

Claas has similar experiences in different cities across the world buying records for years and it is in this way that he has amazed a solid vinyl collection that now lives in his home-studio in Berlin and that he uses frequently as part of his DJ sets.

Between these recollections and an amazing Mount Juic sunset in the background. Class wears the model 168 Ice Effect by Wilde Sunglasses. While we look forward to his gigs in this great city.

Wilde Backstage is a documentary space by our friend photographer Alex Connor that pays tribute to artists, music producers and DJ’s that represent our label on stage around the world

Thanks to our Ws Team in Barcelona, Madrid, Medellin and Hiroshima for all their magic and helping to consolidate our projects.

Barcelona 2017

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