Tropical Cosmic Sounds From Space – Rada


Tropical Cosmic Sounds From Space

Angel Rada, pioneer of experimental electronic music in Venezuela, has always been a restless mind, an experimentalist with his feet firmly planted on the ground of the art, his particular mix of sound design, cultural avant-garde attitude and spiritual inquiry led him to explore an impressively rich sound universe throughout his more than 20 productions (one of the most extensive in his country) making him the cult musician he is today. El Palmas Music, an independent record label in Barcelona, pays tribute to this visionary venezuelan musician in its upcoming release entitled Rada: Tropical Cosmic Sounds from Space, a double LP compilation with 15 carefully selected tracks from Angel Rada's extraordinary first period, coveted by experimental and cult electronics collectors around the globe. The main focus of the compilation is between 1980 to 1989, the time when Rada released cosmic-tropical experimental jewels such as Upadesa, Viveka, Continuvm, Armagedon & the Third Wave Revolution and Ethnosonic Impressions. Tropical Cosmic Sounds will also be also available in digital platforms and it comes with a code to download 7 additional songs, certainly a delight for music lovers.


released February 11, 2020

Compiled by El Palmas Dj

Naming Paulo Olarte

Video Clip from Dedo Ciego

Truelove Music Publishing

Executive producer Maurice Aymard

Mastering by Pablo Bolivar

Laquers at The Carvery Studio

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