At the heart of Wilde Sunglasses, where craftsmanship meets exclusivity, shines the Oscar model, a jewel encapsulating the essence of a cult brand. Born from inspiration in the enigmatic 1960s and the untamed influence of the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, Oscar is more than a pair of glasses; it’s an amulet of sophistication and character. Designed in Barcelona, this timeless piece merges retro-modernist design with the mastery of artisanal techniques that have defined Wilde Sunglasses since 2008. Available in limited editions, Oscar stands out for its handcrafted construction, showcasing luxury and detail in every millimeter of its acetate. It is the icon that transcends trends, offering its wearers a bold statement of style and exclusivity. Wilde Sunglasses celebrates individuality, and with Oscar, invites its allies to be part of a distinguished narrative, where each pair tells a story of passion, innovation, and art. At the crossroads of artisanal and exclusive, Oscar by Wilde is a living testament to trend as a unique and timeless form of expression.

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