The story of how we arrived at CALLE LEON 30 in the Barrio de las Letras is one that deserves to be told with drama. One summer, my mother and sister came to the city with entrepreneurial aspirations, searching for places to invest. It was then that they discovered the Barrio de las Letras, with its historic streets that enclose some of the most important museums in Madrid. But what really captivated them was learning that this neighborhood was the birthplace of Cervantes, the writer who created Don Quijote.
And speaking of Don Quijote, nine years ago, during one of my trips to European flea markets, I found a well-crafted bronze figure of the iconic character with a marble base amidst a pile of clothes. Although I usually collect Art Deco pieces, this particular figure caught my attention, and I brought it with me to Barcelona, where it accompanied me for many years. It wasn’t until my family visited the Barrio de las Letras that I understood that this figure was a sign that the next Wilde should open its doors there, in honor of the writer born there.
Today, Wilde at CALLE LEON 30 is a place where creative conversations and brainstorms take place, with the presence of important artists from Latin America and the United States. All of this is accompanied by the tribute we pay to music, thanks to the carefully curated collection of cassette tapes available at our temple in Madrid. In addition, we also offer the exclusive collection of Wilde Sunglasses, handmade limited edition pieces from the brand. In short, Wilde at CALLE LEON 30 is a unique and special space in Madrid, full of Musical history, design, art, and creativity.
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