“This editorial is based on Spanish culture and in the emblematic bullfighting costume -traje de luces-, giving it an eclectic and vanguardist touch. We also break the norm by representing an androgynous image of the Spanish bullfighter.”

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer Hector Amaro captured Lucas Alcazar, Amara Sylla, and Manuel Pacheco for us. Styling by Fabian Galindo. Makeup and Hair by Texenery Arteaga. Set design by Lucho Campos. Fashion by IT SPAIN, Balenciaga, Gucci, Wilde sunglasses, Maria Lafuente. https://www.kaltblut-magazine.com/new-matador/

photographer: Hector Amaro / Instagram: @amarophoto
photography assistant: Ana EM / Instagram: @girl_fenix
photography assistant: Gaizka Elortegui / Instagram: @gaizkes
photography assistant: Maikol J Berrio S / Instagram: @maikoljberrios
fashion stylist: Fabian Galindo / Instagram: @fabian__galindo
stylist assistant: Elena Diaz / Instagram: @eledzz
stylist assistant: Isabel Filarde / Instagram: @issfc
stylist assistant: Brayan Tovar / Instagram: @brayantovar_27
models: Lucas Alcazar / agency: The tribe models / Instagram: @thetribemodels
/Instagram: @lucas.alcazar
model: Amara Sylla / agency: the tribe models Instagram: @thetribemodels /
Instagram: @iamarasylla
model: Manuel Pacheco / Instagram @manuelpxcheco
make up and hairstyle: Texenery Arteaga / Instagram: @texeneryarteaga
set designer: Lucho Campos / Instagram: @luchocampos_
fashion: IT SPAIN, Balenciaga, Gucci, Wilde sunglasses, Maria Lafuente

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