In the dying moments of the previous century the restless spirit of a young man was born. For two decades he struggled to be closer to music than never before, a real kind music, music with a strong attachment to the human heart and soul. He was running a record store in his agitating country when decided to became a DJ and fly away, hungry to see life itself from another perspective: on the dancefloor, mastering the art of creating experiences, connecting people to its ancestral roots, learning that, above all, our humanity is tied to rhythm, historically and biologically. During an enriching period of continuous learning, El Palmas never stopped looking for new and old artists that have been already in the same quest. Though he collect records from his childhood, this searching reach world proportions, his DJing travels allowed him to get in contact with the work of vibrating and restless artists, just to realize, that there is so much work forgotten and undiscovered in its own homeland.  At that time, he was already producing his own music, contracting and releasing artists in a previous label, exceptional artists in electronic dance music.
But another piece was missing, a devotion to invigorating rhythms and interesting organic music led him to the origin: the tropics, you can travel the world but you always come back to the tropics, an incomparable allegory to the life itself. Is a never ending quest, a label which purpose lies in bringing back unfairly forgotten or undiscovered artists, musicians committed with a felling, making music that lives. Now, El Palmas is a record label, a DJ set and an expansive project to revere and inspire through passion for the living music, music that moves, bringing in sounds with spirit, artists old and new, forgotten gems, flourishing talents of tropical, funk, disco, salsa, dub/reggae, afro, hip hop, bossanova, original and reissues in physical (12’’, 7’’) and digital formats. After 20 years in music, whether in mixing sessions or conquering the dance floor as a DJ, El Palmas combines the determination required for a unique set with a desire to contribute in music with great artists, releasing them on vinyl and selling their work around the world. El Palmas music, a tropical devotion.

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