We immersed ourselves once again in the world of Primavera Sound! On this occasion, the prestigious music festival has arrived in Madrid with great enthusiasm, inaugurating its musical extravaganza in all its splendour.

Cao Wilde, the founder and creative director of the renowned sunglasses brand Wilde Sunglasses, is one of our guests sharing his experience at the first edition of Primavera Sound 2023 in Madrid.

Accompanied by brand ambassador and photographer, Alex Connor, whose mission was to capture the performances of renowned artists up close, documenting the scenes with incredible images, and showcasing the trends that are setting the pace in summer festivals, they will take us along with Cao Wilde to relive the moments they have experienced in these two cities. This time, they will share with the festival attendees, immersing themselves in the vibrant atmosphere and capturing unforgettable moments from a unique perspective.


Photos by Alex Connor

Alex Connor, on the other hand, shared some of his impressions about Primavera Sound in Barcelona, “Live music is something that must be experienced firsthand. It’s difficult to accurately describe how all the concerts were at Primavera, as each individual feels it differently and enjoys their preferred music style. However, I was amazed by the large influx of people coming from all over the world to immerse themselves in the festival.

Cao Wilde’s comment on Primavera: “The lineup of Primavera Sound perfectly reflects the eclecticism and musical diversity that characterize this festival. From the most energetic rock to the most innovative hip-hop and cutting-edge electronic music, the range of musical genres is simply infinite.”
“From the moment we entered the venue, the energy was palpable. The legends Depeche Mode took the main stage, and the charismatic David Gahan captivated the audience with his dazzling performance. I couldn’t help but notice how sunglasses have become an essential accessory at festivals. The variety of designs and proposals was a true visual delight. This diversity became a source of inspiration for me, as I caught a glimpse of the new sunglasses lines that Wilde Sunglasses will launch in the coming months.”

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