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A lifetime passion, from Barcelona


Since 2008, a lifetime passion for discovering and collecting Vintage finds it’s stage in two stores located in the center of Barcelona, where open to the public and affordable you’ll find Wilde’s sunglasses, eyewear and vintage Collection. The project of the Wilde stores are an exiting part of our work; furniture, art, and objects came from many places to make a unique space, the stores.

With it’s beginnings in Barcelona, Wilde has now become an important reference in European fashion.

The Vintage collection is a result of 20 years of creating unique pieces, each selected for their aesthetic value, delivering the best in quality. This results in eyewear that makes a statement on its own. The collection was developed through study and investigation, referencing old Japanese design. This has motivated us to produce our pieces in Barcelona with top quality raw materials, combined with handmade techniques.

In May 2008, as a result of many years research, deliberate selection and strong personal contact with people who love wearing, collect or establish themselves in Eyewear, Wilde Sunglasses launches it’s first self -design and handcrafted collection.



16 years and 22,009 stories



I knew I would never forget this day, Thursday 1st May 2008, today was the day when for many people their dreams would be held at a standby and celebrate it. Instead, I decided to ride my 70’s style skateboard and head towards Joaquin Costa Street in Barcelona. I steadily observed the way because funnily enough I could remember the amount of times I had fallen but today I could not allow myself to repeat that story, any other day but not today. Once I stood in front of the facade, I opened the locks saying “I am opening a mine of gold”, and at that point I put an end to the beginning of a great story that began 14 years ago. I could remember hearing a Bob Marley song from the black series playing in the background, the place was full of stock, the vast majority of it being coats and vintage shirts for men. That first day I counted 17 people and from those 17 my first sale came up. Well, for being my first day, I can say it began well.

After a year of learning, I understood that 20 years collecting Sunglasses had not been in vain, from this came an educated, sharp and passionate eye for glasses, prepared to select the best pieces to offer. We went from being a place full of vintage clothes to being the first specialize in vintage Sunglasses from Spain, a reference in Europe and now with two different points in the city. To add to Joaquin Costa there is also Avinyo, an area of Barcelona where I transited for many years whilst working there, alike Teppei, which has been the most special and unique connection I have had with a country as exotic as Japan, which now has this project underway from there, making it a dream come true.

Wilde has been the consequence of years of work, discipline, perseverance and focus.During this time we have gone from being a place specialize in vintage glasses to being creators of our own collections with more than 40 models, with unique pieces that have become amulets and exclusive jewellery for those who are related to the Wilde lifestyle, always keeping the premise of remaining a product born in Europe, with local production. They have been 11 different points, some temporary others fixed, Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Formentera, Medellin, Valencia, Venezuela, Hiroshima and Osaka have been places that are part of a long chapter in this story, always recognising that Wilde is not just a product, it is a way of living and understanding life, it is a way of being, an objective, a goal, a dream and we honour it by making each place something unique and special, because our philosophy is and will continue to be that there is no better way to transmit this DNA than through their own points of sale.

We still have many stories to tell and others to live, people who have been, who are and others who will be, many roads to travel, cities to conquer and new projects linked to the lifestyle that are now in plans but will soon become a reality. We will not stop dreaming, believing and trusting in what we do and will always be grateful to every person who has passed through our doors, has given us a word of encouragement, advice, and compliments. Now more than ever we feel committed to you and those who still do not know us but are willing to do so, because more than buying just a pair of glasses, you are creating your own legend, that’s why we say: Thank you. To the whole Wilde family who through their dedication and unattainable support have made this project a dream become a family, I owe this to you all, thank you. Wilde is a surname with many proper names and we tell everyone … This story is just beginning!!

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